Our Board of Directors

In 2019, science needs diverse champions with great communication skills and a creative approach to problem solving.  Our board features people from all walks of life Рseasoned educators, UX designers, project managers, and nonprofit facilitators. We are united in serving our community by organizing and hosting space science events with partners and fellow science enthusiasts!

Carol Lutsinger
BISD Science Curriculum Specialist NASA Ambassador / Board Member
Victor de los Santos
Founder / Outreach President & Director of the Board
marija jette
Founder / Communications
UX Designer & Digital Artist Board Member
Debbie Cox
STARS Facilitator
Board Secretary
Richard Camuccio
Founder / Programming Astrophysicist in Residence
Board Member
Nurith Galonsky Pizana
STARS Supporter
City Commissioner-District 1
Board Member
Kathryn Youker
STARS Counsel
Attorney at Law
Board Member

Our Partners