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The South Texas Astronomical Society (STARS) needs YOUR support to enhance our programs, expand our reach, and continue inspiring the next generation of explorers in the Rio Grande Valley. .

Founded in 1990 by Brownsville educator Carol Lutsinger, STARS was relaunched in 2019, fueled by the region's burgeoning space activities and a partnership with UTRGV's Department of Physics & Astronomy. Since its relaunch, STARS has achieved national recognition through the NASA Community Anchor Award and has engaged nearly 20,000 community members over more than 120 events, significantly broadening access to quality space science and STEM education in the Rio Grande Valley.

Your Continued Support Empowers Us To:

  • Plan more community STEM events; 
  • Fund student internships and scholarships; 
  • Compensate our staff; 
  • Recruit more volunteers; 
  • Organize more bilingual workshops and camps; and
  • Launch many many more rockets!

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like the Brownsville NASA Downlink with the International Space Station!

Help us inspire more curious minds supporting STARS bilingual K-12 astronomy and STEAM programs!

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