welcome to launchpad!

Launchpad is an initiative between STARS and the Brownsville Public Library System that aims to facilitate access to STEM resources and opportunities for students and community members in the Brownsville / Rio Grande Valley area.

Launchpad sessions are run by students and for students looking to expand and enhance their experiences in STEM. 


program overview

Through Launchpad, students will have the opportunity to work with industry experts in rocketry, astronomy, engineering, and mathematics while building knowledge and skills that will serve them in future careers. Participants will build critical thinking skills while learning how to apply industry standards, tooling, and design methodologies that are used in modern rocketry, space exploration, and scientific research all on their own.

To help — guidance, advice, and tips will be given by expert guest speakers and industry professionals, while project safety is ensured by Launchpad staff.


Launchpad sessions are hosted every Sunday from 2-4pm at the Brownsville Public Library – Main Branch (2600 Central Blvd, Brownsville, TX)

Thank you to our partners at the Brownsville Public Library System!