Welcome to the Stellar DeepLab

The Stellar DeepLab (SDL) is a multimedia production studio within STARS. The objective of the SDL is to inspire individuals to explore their interests in space science, while simultaneously providing opportunities for students and community members to expand their horizons by contributing their own knowledge and content. 

For many who become captivated by space exploration, media often serves as the gateway.Whether through movies, books, or other forms of media, it is art that ignites the initial spark of inspiration; SDL embodies that fusion of science and art.


Science Magazine

FarFarOut! is a scientific magazine exploring various topics in space science and astronomy. The magazine includes articles by contributors ranging from high school students to accomplished astrophysics researchers, artwork, “Cosmic Coordinates” (a map of the current night sky and list of upcoming astronomical events), and a “Space Rangers” section with activities for young explorers. There are currently 9 issues across 3 volumes available in digital PDF form; our future goals include to print and distribute the science magazine throughout the community.

Receding Horizons


A podcast that explores topics in space science and develops insight into the world of space exploration and STEM through field experts. There are currently four episodes available with future plans to enhance the podcast with multiple categories including accessible yet comprehensive explanations about astronomical phenomena called “Astro Bites”.

STARS Online

Inspire. Engage.Connect.

STARS regularly posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and X.Certain projects offer an opportunity for written, audio, and visual content to collide into a multidimensional experience. Exhibits, ranging from educational displays to interactive installations, present a platform for harnessing the full potential of art. STARS is committed to developing exhibits that are both accessible and educational, aiming to enrich scientific understanding and appreciation.

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