Receding Horizons

Receding Horizons is a podcast hosted by the South Texas Astronomical Society. Join our hosts for a deep dive into topics related to astronomy and space exploration.

About the podcast

Welcome to Receding Horizons, a podcast for exploring topics in astronomy and space science. Since antiquity, humans have gazed at the night sky, attempting to decipher its mysteries, and find our place within it. As astronomer Edwin Hubble once remarked, the history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons. Our podcast will attempt to answer some of the biggest questions from the oldest of sciences.

The mission of this podcast is to explore topics of astronomy and space exploration, and share them with the community of Brownsville, Texas. Our valley is entering into the next phase of human space exploration and participating in the era of multi-messenger astronomy. We are providing a forum of discussion among people of all ages and expertise to bring awareness about our role in this next exciting era.

These are Receding Horizons.


Episode 0

Hosts: Richard Camuccio, Victor De Los Santos

Episode 1

Hosts: Richard Camuccio, Victor De Los Santos
Guest: TBA