- Established in 2015 -

Stargazing at the
Southmost Library Obsevatory

Star parties

Stargaze using the Southmost Library Observatory’s 14” Meade LX850 ACF telescope, now with state-of-the-art astronomy software for automatic tracking of celestial objects.

Astronomical research

Joint observations in collaboration with UTRGV’s Cristina Torres Memorial Observatory for transient optical data on star systems, asteroids, exoplanets, and more.


Continue your astronomical training through our educational workshops on a variety of topics related to astronomy and space science.

From Books
to Space

The first instances of outreach for astronomy and space science in the community began at the Brownsville Public Library System with astronomy programs, a Starlab portable planetarium, and community members kind enough to share their own telescopes with curious children.

In 2019, STARS teamed up with the Libraries to begin restoration and enhancements to the Southmost Library Observatory’s 14” Meade LX850 ACF telescope and auto-tracking astronomy software. Experience the night sky with this powerful tool by joining us at our next star party!


The love for space sometimes starts with a single look through a telescope.

“Bring Your Own Telescope” is always encouraged at our star parties!



Don’t just stare at the night sky, learn new photographic techniques you can use to capture the stars at home.

Space Crafts

Become an astronomer — get an Astronomy 101 crash course and learn how to navigate the night sky.

Star Talks

Learn about space science and Brownsville's contributions directly from local space and rocket science experts.