Located in the heart of the Mitte Cultural District, the Brownsville Science Center (BSC) is a world-class research, education and outreach facility. BSC serves the Rio Grande Valley community as an institution anchored by its locality and culture. It is designed to enlighten, educate, and empower the youth and public with the potential of science.

BSC is a multi-faceted teaching institute; a space science museum with curated exhibits showcasing Brownsville’s STREAM acumen and cross-institutional R&D initiatives; and a planetarium for everyone. In short, BSC is the home for science in Brownsville.

Dear Members, Friends & Supporters,

In February 2020, the South Texas Astronomical Society organized and moderated a panel at the City of Brownsville’s first annual Crossroads Festival—three days of innovation and collaboration celebrating the “crossroads” of culture that comes with being located on an international border. The panel was called Brownsville 2030: Space City and centered on the idea that Brownsville is to become the next “space city”—a hotspot for economic and community growth directly related to the new space industry—by the year 2030. SpaceX is building and testing the next generation of spacecraft on Boca Chica Beach, astrophysicists at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) are conducting research on asteroids, exoplanets, gravitational waves and more, and our community is brimming with space enthusiasts who want to be a part of it all… 

However, there is a crucial component missing—a home for space and science in Brownsville. 

With your donation, we can make the “dream of space” a reality for the people of the Rio Grande Valley. Your donation will empower us to foster and nurture the culture of STREAM education and discovery in a single place. The BSC will serve as a home for space enthusiasts, champions of science, and curious minds of all ages—help us to reach beyond the stars!  

Per Aspera Ad Astra!