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South Texas Astronomical Society is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to space science education and outreach
Experience the wonders of the universe with local institutions such as UTRGV's Cristina Torres Memorial Observatory
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Learn about local space science and exploration developments as South Texas becomes a Gateway to the Cosmos

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We collaborate with local institutions and parks to host stargazing events. Join in as astrophysicists from UTRGV’s Cristina Torres Memorial Observatory educate the community on the wonders of the Universe and take us on a journey through the Cosmos.

Receding Horizons

Receding Horizons is a podcast for exploring topics in astronomy and space science hosted by the South Texas Astronomical Society. Join our hosts for a deep dive into topics related to astronomy and space exploration.  

Dark Sky

We are working with community members to fight light pollution in the Rio Grande Valley. With the help of the local community and partners, we can preserve our beautiful South Texas night skies and safeguard nocturnal wildlife, the environment, and help make astronomical research easier. 

Space & Science Museum

STARS is working with community partners to build a world-class Science Center in Brownsville’s Mitte Cultural District. The future museum will showcase the Rio Grande Valley’s greatest achievements in space and science, and serve as the gateway for community engagement.

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